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Extend your Design team

We recruit and coach high skilled UX/UI Designers to extend your teams and help you grow your digital products or services

At Accepted, we recognize the paramount significance of crafting seamless and engaging user experiences, understanding that they are pivotal in driving the success of any digital endeavor.

Our directors' extensive experience spans some of the largest projects in Greece and abroad, where they have witnessed firsthand the transformative impact of prioritizing UX. 

Nowadays we leverage their expertise in helping organizations and teams that understand the importance of Design, recruiting and coaching UX/UI Design professionals for their existing or to be formed Design teams.


Too many things to do

Your team is operating at full capacity, juggling an abundance of projects, while stakeholders demand additional design support. Given the current strain on resources, taking on new projects without compromising quality seems impossible.


Our solution offers access to skilled Design professionals tailored to your product needs, alleviating the burden of stakeholder conflicts and enabling you to focus on product development.


Hiring can be challenging

Identifying suitable talent for your project resembles searching for a needle in a haystack, consuming valuable time that nobody can spare to sift through numerous portfolios. However, the quest for exceptional SaaS designers need not be so daunting.


Accepted offers the opportunity to augment your team with seasoned UX/UI designers specializing in digital product design, simplifying the process and ensuring a seamless integration of top-tier talent.


Hard to work with an Agency

Your company is experiencing rapid expansion, yet your current team struggles to keep pace. Relying on design agencies proves challenging as they are often fully booked or inadequately equipped for your needs. Moreover, their intricate processes leave you uncertain about future planning.


If you're weary of collaborating with designers unable to meet your requirements, consider partnering with Accepted. With extensive experience in digital products and services and a transparent work methodology honed over years, we offer a dependable solution to your design needs.

Design from scratch, redesign or improvements


UX Consulting


Strategy | Audit and Review | Business and Product Assessment


UI Design


Moodboarding | Colors | Typography | Visual Elements | Hierarchy




Personas | Requirements | Capabilities Matrix | Industry Trends


Design Systems


Patterns | Components | Assets | Interactions | Documentation | Governance


UX Design


Information Architecture | User Journeys | Wireframing | Prototyping 


Usability Testing


Real Users interviews | Navigation | Functionality | User Experience

Let's extend your Design team