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Drive your Digital Transformation 

We help you define, prioritize and execute your Digital Transformation. Being always, on your side.

In an era defined by rapid technological advancement and evolving consumer expectations, businesses face the imperative of embracing Digital Transformation to stay relevant and competitive.

Digital transformation is not merely about adopting new technologies; it represents a fundamental shift in mindset, processes, and operations to leverage digital tools and capabilities for innovation and growth.

It impacts every facet and function within an organization, spanning across departments including Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Operations.

Accepted is your trusted advisor in this journey, offering Strategy and Consulting services together with our extended network of strategic partners.  


It starts with Strategy

We understand that digital transformation can be really complex. Too many options, priorities and service providers. 

Wouldn't be great if you could have a trusted advisor, an experienced consultant to guide you through available platforms, technologies, partners and most importantly, the best practices for implementing your digital business plan?

This is what Accepted GoDigital business unit can provides. We work next to you, helping you define and implement what is needed to succeed in digital transformation.


You need a world class platform

As soon as a Digital Transformation plan is defined, a strong 360º platform able to cover your organization is required, to support all your digital needs. 

We have been working for 10 years with HubSpot and we are confident that its the best solution for companies of all sizes, since can digitize and accelerate their Marketing, Sales and Customer Support operations, having a powerful CRM in its core.  HubSpot Content Hub is the best solution for implementing corporate and lead generation B2B websites, while Operations Hub can centralize all Data and Business processes automations.

ATCOM A-commerce platform

Top Unified Commerce platform

A-commerce is ATCOM's flagship platform made for Unified Commerce. Providing holistic and unified commerce services over multiple channels, from web and mobile to brick-and-mortar, A-commerce is currently the most advanced commerce platform to help you scale your business on.

Accepted has partnered with ATCOM to accelerate adoption of A-commerce to small and mid sized organizations that want to upgrade their eCommerce operations, taking advantage of features like Artificial Intelligence, Digital Merchandising and 360º Customer Engagement usually found in enterprise solutions only.

Define, Create, Enhance, Measure


Digital Strategy


Business Goals | Targeted Audiences | Roadmap 


Sales Enablement


CRM Platforms | Sales Playbooks  | Processes

Online Presence

Tools & Platforms


Systems | Technologies | People | Processes


Digital Marketing


Inbound & Outbound | Automations | Personalization




eShop platform | Merchandizing | Operate | Promote 




Analytics | Integrations | Processes | Data Management

Let's drive together