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10 FAQs about remote working from Athens

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Remote working has become increasingly popular in recent years, and with the rise of digital nomadism, many individuals are choosing to work from locations that offer both a high quality of life and excellent amenities. Athens, the vibrant capital of Greece, has emerged as a favored destination for remote workers seeking a blend of culture, history, and modern infrastructure. In this blog post, we'll address 10 frequently asked questions about remote working from Athens.

1. Is Athens a suitable destination for remote work?

Absolutely! Athens offers a thriving expat community, excellent internet connectivity, co-working spaces, and a wide range of accommodation options. Plus, the city's rich history, beautiful weather, and delicious cuisine make it an inspiring place to work from.

2. What are the visa requirements for remote workers in Athens?

As of now, Greece offers a digital nomad visa, allowing remote workers to live and work in the country for up to a year. The requirements include proof of employment, health insurance, and sufficient income. It's advisable to check the latest regulations before planning your move.

3. How is the internet connectivity in Athens?

Athens boasts reliable high-speed internet connections, with many cafes, co-working spaces, and accommodations offering free Wi-Fi. You can also easily set up a mobile hotspot for added flexibility while working from various locations in the city.

4. What are some popular co-working spaces in Athens?

Athens has a growing number of coworking spaces catering to remote workers. Some popular options include The Cube Athens, Stone Soup, and of course our own Accepted Coworking Space in Agia Paraskevi. These spaces provide a collaborative environment, networking opportunities, and essential amenities like meeting rooms and printing facilities.

5. Is it easy to find accommodation in Athens for remote workers?

Yes, Athens offers a wide range of accommodation options to suit every budget and preference. From modern apartments in the city center to charming studios in historic neighborhoods like Plaka and Koukaki, remote workers can find comfortable living spaces with ease.

6. How is the cost of living in Athens compared to other European cities?

Athens is known for its relatively low cost of living compared to other major European cities. Accommodation, dining out, and transportation are generally affordable, allowing remote workers to enjoy a high quality of life without breaking the bank.

7. What is the lifestyle like for remote workers in Athens?

Athens offers a vibrant lifestyle with a perfect blend of work and leisure. You can start your day with a scenic run along the Acropolis, indulge in delicious Greek cuisine during lunch breaks, and explore the city's cultural sites and nightlife after work.

8. How is the healthcare system in Athens for expats?

Greece has a public healthcare system, which is accessible to expats and remote workers. Additionally, many private clinics and hospitals in Athens provide excellent medical care, often at a fraction of the cost compared to other countries.

9. Are there any challenges of remote working in Athens?

While Athens offers an excellent environment for remote work, like any city, it has its challenges. These may include occasional strikes affecting public transportation, language barriers for non-Greek speakers, and adapting to the Mediterranean pace of life.

10. How can remote workers make the most of their time in Athens?

To make the most of your time in Athens, immerse yourself in the local culture, learn some basic Greek phrases, explore the city's hidden gems, and take advantage of networking events and cultural activities. And don't forget to indulge in plenty of souvlaki and frappe!

Remote working from Athens offers a unique opportunity to combine professional growth with cultural exploration and a high quality of life. With its welcoming atmosphere, modern amenities, and rich history, Athens is undoubtedly a top choice for remote workers seeking a rewarding work-life balance. Whether you're drawn to its ancient ruins, bustling cafes, or picturesque neighborhoods, Athens has something to offer every remote worker.


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